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I am tired and also not very coherent?

In which I describe the part of my body I hate the most.Collapse )

Other than that I guess I am okay. I haven't much been feeling the holidays. I couldn't even work up to giving my father a Christmas list - I couldn't think of anything I wanted or needed - so he just got me a bunch of gift cards instead. I didn't mind.

Mostly I've been staying in and playing World of Warcraft (level 79 awwwriiight). I don't stay in TO play WoW, I just have no urge to leave. Today I had big plans for the day, but I couldn't sleep. My father took the opportunity to tell me to "try getting up earlier!" despite the fact I got up at 10 am yesterday. :X He spent most of the last two weeks over at his girlfriend's for various reasons; to think I was actually starting to get lonely. Shows me!

Bluh bluh. I should try to get back into posting here but no one cares so! Who knows! :T But right now I am tired and I have run out of things to say so I will go. Goodnight.

Oh hey I'm alive. Barely.

Here is what's been happening with me:

I've entered crisis mode re: the JET Program application. It's due on Thursday. Worst case scenario, I will be overnighting it on Wednesday, but come hell or high water, it will get there. Unfortunately this all happens to coincide unhappily with my final photo critique and what I will be calling the Big Damn Project in web, but after this one, single, hellish week, I will be able to relax (somewhat).

I swear to God I had other things to talk about. But now all I can think of is all the amount of Mass Effect 2 I've been playing (oh my God so much) and how I've realized the first girl I ever had a crush on was the Yellow Power Ranger - the first, Asian one. Which explains a hell of a lot. (I wanted to go as her for Halloween when I was in second grade but they didn't have any costumes and I had to be the Blue Ranger instead. :C) I have also been reading a fuckton of Star Trek fanfiction, which I'm pretty sure either caused or was caused by the ME2 overdosing (I stopped in for a round or two of Portal while I was at it). In desperation for reading material, I have switched to Kirk/Spock, but I do not like it as much as Kirk/Bones. Maybe because I like Bones more as a character? That or I am attracted to pairings built on EPIC BROMACING and nu!Kirk/Spock don't have that yet. Yes. I have analyzed this shit.

I'm also vaguely sick, but not as sick as I have been - week before last had me actually unable to go to school for the first time in I can't remember how long. Possibly ever? I think if I wasn't depressed, I would never get sick, because I hardly ever get sick (and never seriously) as it is and I know both depression and sleep deprivation (which I am all about) lower your immune system. :T I am lucky in this way, because having a nurse for a mother means I've been trained to go to the doctor when I think I'm dying and in exactly no other situation ever.

Speaking of, I'm out of meds! This doesn't seem to be effecting me much. I had gotten my blood pressure down like a good girl, and I had been so stressed and depressed for most of the fall that the antidepressants weren't doing much good anyhow. Still, if I see my doctor like I desperately need to re: the JET Program, I'll talk to her about it.

Now, I've had a busy day so I'm really tired, so I'm gonna get some sleep. Inb4 I go, though: This is the most insulting thing I've ever read as a woman and possibly just a human.

Good night.


"So if you two could just keep it in your pants for long enough for us to commit a felony, that'd be lovely, thanks." - but to give K/S fics credit where credit's due, that line is pretty much the best thing I've read in a WHILE.


Wow, over three months without a single comment on this thing. I think, just maybe, it might be official...


Whatevs it's not like being the epitome of shit nobody cares about ever stopped me before. Onwards and upwards~

Yesterday I did this:

YES, AGAIN (for reference). But I really think this one turned out well - if it isn't the final version it's damned close. It really does look, to me, like she's crossing the creek to get to "grandmother's house" and looking over her shoulder because she's gotten the feeling she's being followed.

This shoot was somewhat complicated because it was Sunday and this park was really crowded. In this particular shot, I had to Photoshop out four people and a trash bag. :T (They were not all that bad, but you do what you have to for the shot you like best.) But the shoot was cut short when a bunch of kids started crawling all over the creek bed and their mother just... stood there and watched. Hey. Thanks bitch. Nice to know common courtesy is completely dead. But.

Tomorrow: Thumbalina shoot
Next weekend: Rapunzel shoot
Sometime in there: Sleeping Beauty (yes, AGAIN), the Little Mermaid, and the Three Little Pigs.

I'm a little less stressed out this time, because since this is a continuing series I can always pad my pictures out with the old work. And I've recently become a BIG fan of retaking pictures to get them right (obviously hurr durr) so that means I can stop scrambling for good ideas and focus on making really good pictures. Also my wide angle lens is my boyfriend and we're gonna get married. <3

Aaand yeah. Now I need to prepare for my web class (have I mentioned I am making a For Real website? I am!) Yeah it's pretty hurf durf at the moment, BUT EVENTUALLY... Anyhow yeah. Off I go.


(Also I bought a Decemberists CD because apparently I am ever so slowly turning into a fucking hipster.)

Hurf durf, how do I keep journal?

First of all, dear subconscious:
  • Grotesque undead babies being nursed on blood.

  • A hallway full of babies being eaten by a bunch of zombie babies.

  • Being pregnant and not wanting it so much that the fetus literally started dying inside me.




Anyhow, when the hell did I last update this thing? ::loox:: A month ago, nice.

So I'm back in school now. I am taking my last Photo Studio, Photography and the Web a.k.a. Let's Build A Website!, Building Fluency in Japanese, and US History to 1865 or something like that. Today was my first project in Studio, and I cried, because it dealt with emotional shit and augh. Oh, but, on a related subject, my week looks like this:

Monday/Wednesday: Photo and the Web, 6 pm
Tuesday/Thursday: Japanese and Studio, starting at 9:30 am

History is online, and I commute, which means my sleep schedule is ROYALLY FUCKED, ALL THE TIME. Since it's totally cool for me to wake up at like 1 in the afternoon on Mon/Wed and I naturally do that on the weekend. So I usually end up getting like three hours of sleep before I have to wake up for class on Tues/Thurs, feeling like SHIT through them, and then coming home and crashing for a few hours. And then staying up all night. Oof. Anyhow, so the sleep deprivation might have had something to do with the crying, too.

But overall it's going pretty well. Japanese is a haul - two times a week we have to read a passage and answer questions on it, buut she puts the answer key online, which means I actually do the work roughly half the time (because for class on Tuesday, we have other things to do; but for class on Thursday, that's all we have to do). I try not to flake out, buuut I do anyhow. :C But we also do twice-weekly journal posts and responses, which I can't really bullshit. Oh and no tests! :D ... but oral presentations instead, FML. I would rather have the tests.

Studio is Studio. I have the my alt processing teacher, Brent Phelps (in case you're wondering, yes, my photography professors are pretty much pimps), so that's cool. :T However I do have two of the most annoying fucking underclassmen, including one that talks all the time and has terrible suggestions and a girl that was actually in our initial class (as in, she went through Black & White I with us), but she must have missed the first portfolio review because she's now a semester behind. And eesh, has she let herself go...

Anyhow everyone else is great so whatever.

Paho (Studio teacher from last semester) is about a billion times less annoying when he's teaching us about websites and not actually critiquing our stuff. So that's good. I'll post a link to my website when I have... something... there.

And I fucking hate History, just like I knew I would. It's why I've been putting it (a core class) off for so long. Because the only two history classes you can take are US History to 1865 and US History from 1865, and you have to take them both. And dear Texas: the United States is not the only country in the world, and I am really fucking tired of having the same fucking information rammed down my throat since I was in middle school. I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD, this is something that was actually in our text book:

"Throughout the hemisphere, maize (corn), squash, and beans formed the basis of agriculture."

I ALREADY FUCKING KNOW "MAIZE" MEANS CORN. Why the fuck are you repeating what was essentially an interesting tidbit from when I was in elementary school?! ::generally rages impotently:: Why can't we take fucking anything else for credit this is retarded I wish I had taken the AP test. :|

Other than that:
  • Awww sheeeet new LJ layout. Innit pretty? I do not like the float box over there but whatever, I deal.

  • I may be playing Pokemon again.

  • My TF2 RP board has gotten an abrupt influx of new players, and I am pretty seriously fucking stoked. We've gotten 7 new active members in like the last week or so, it's awesome.
Oh! And. I'm planning on applying to the JET Program in October. Wish me luck!

And now I disappear into the ether for another month.


For over a week

I have been reading

So much manga online.

So much.

Augh God and one just made me BAWL. Augh augh augh. ::rubs face:: And now I'm in the MOOD and I can go off like that aaugh.

Anyhow pretty much all of it has been yaoi. Which is less of a decision than following that "other people who read this enjoyed..." over and over and over again. :T And it has a very specific voice to it? And I have begun thinking in that voice. Troublesome.

In any case, my bookmaking class has come to an end. My last project was really, really stressful, so I'm a: super happy about that, and b: completely unable to bring myself to even think of making a book for pleasure at the moment, though I have all of my supplies waiting. Someday!

I have also been replaying Kingdom Hearts II like I wanted to months ago, when crappy disk + old PS2 meant I couldn't get out of Twilight Town. The new PS2 got me all the way to Agrabah, buuut then I had to go buy a new copy of the game. :T I have a nice little save game right at the end of Twilight Town, so I never have to spend four hours playing through what is essentially the fucking prologue again. As loltastiic as teenage idiot Seifer is. That poor bastard. OH! Also. I have to imagine, with Rai's dialog, what they're translating into "y'know?" is probably "ne?" (or yo, I do not immediately remember which one is which and I am too tired to look it up), which is probably about a thousand times less annoying.

That said, that is like the most bipolar fucking game ever. You go from shit like "All we want is hearts to make us complete people" to "YAY FRIENDSHIP AND TEAMWORK!" And then Cloud and the gang show up, apparently just to be emo? What the fuck, Cloud, I did not need the plot of FFVII: Advent Children in my game. That part is so hilariously tacked on. It like has almost no affect on the rest of the game! But I have to watch a fucking cut scene where Cloud bitches Sephiroth out what the fucking fuck. And Tifa. What the actual fuck.

This game is hilariously ridiculous. I had the equivalent of a dance-battle with Ursula from the Little Mermaid. How is that a thing that happened? How did that entire fucking Atlantica level come to be? That place is terrible. Whooptie fucking doo I got a shitty keyblade I'm never going to use and some magic that I am never going to use for putting up with an hour of the Little Mermaid: Terrible Original Music DDR Version. Now I have "Finny Fun" stuck in my head and I literally want to die.

While we're on the subject of loltastic worlds, Pirates of the Caribbean? How do you make Will seem like even MORE of an insufferable twat? You go back the second time and it's:

Elizabeth: You have to go after him!

Jack: I fail to see any profit in that for me sooo no.

Elizabeth: He saved your life!

After what? Leaving him to get his ass killed by pirates not once but twice? But I guess they couldn't make a level that just consisted of Jack flipping her off and sailing away forever. Oh yeah and worst voice acting in the game. Which considering how bad some of that voice acting is, is saying a LOT.

I am amazed at how much about this game I've forgotten. Like the Tron world. And the fucking light cycles. Fuck that minigame forever. Also I have no fucking idea how I beat Xaldin the first time because FUCK HIM WITH HIS OWN FUCKING LANCES, THAT DICK. I have basically spent the entire second half of the game going everywhere BUT Beast's Castle. This ain't Mass Effect! You don't level up with me! I am going to come back like fifteen levels higher and end you.

And all of that said: God damn he's pretty. I do not even care how silly "got it memorized?" is, because those hips don't lie.

And now I am going to go to bed because I don't think I actually meant to write ANY of that. Goodnight!

First off, I ordered the Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name Volume 1 pre-order, but also a whole set of buttons. I got a package from 4th Dimension Entertainment, which included, for some reason, one single solitary button (it was Conrad, BTW). Bwuh? If that's the only one you've got in stock, 4th Dimension, I can wait. I may have made this face: :|

But after that we finally finished moving out of my old place (weeee) which means now all I have to do is unpack (boooooo). Then I, for whatever reason, decided I absolutely had to see Despicable Me, so I did that. It was actually quite funny, I can see why it's so popular. And after I got home, I started reading about Slenderman and ended up having to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs so I would stop imagining him behind me.

And here is where I stop to talk about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: I was really fond of the book when I was a kid, so when I saw they were making a movie out of it, a movie which looked nothing like the book, I started getting all "THEY'RE GONNA RUIN MY CHILDHOOD" about it. Now, I eventually got the idea that it wasn't bad, actually pretty good, but I was still a little dubious so that was the first time I had ever seen it. And yes, I actually really liked it, but with both Bruce Campbell AND Neil Patrick Harris (even as only a talking monkey) in it, it was pretty much demanding I like it at gunpoint.

Also, have I mentioned how much I like Netflix lately? BECAUSE I DO. Today I watched Three... Extremes, and this conversation followed:

Me: Hmm. When you watch a collection of short films, and the one about eating fetuses isn't the weirdest one...

Austin: wat

Me: Minced into dumplings. But the last one was like this pedophilia and contortion and siamese twins thing and I am still really wat about it.

Austin: What the fuck did you watch? XD John Wayne Gacy Variety Hour?

Me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three..._Extremes

Austin: Oh, well, that makes sense.

(It was pretty good though.)

OH YEAH and roketto_baibii's wedding was today. It was beautiful. ♥ I caught the bouquet (aww yeah). ♥ And I got lotsa pictures up on my facebook of it, too.

But here is where I bitch about unrelated things:Collapse )

Bleh bleh bleh that aside, Dee and Jameson are a nice example that you can still find that sort of love, because they're just so great together and I'm super happy for them. Also, I've always been really proud of my last name and even if I do get married, I don't wanna change it, but I think if my fiancé had a last name as cool as "Buchanan" I just might think about it.

And now, I'm off to bed. Let's see if we can keep this updating thing up, yeah? XD




Alright chumps let's do this! /leroy jenkins

These are movies that I have seen recently and cared enough about to ramble:

Repo! The Genetic Opera: Was pretty good, better when I realized that is fucking Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also I did not find Paris Hilton insufferable, but hey, she was playing a spoiled, stupid, drug-addicted rich girl, soo... the part she was born to play? And apparently these subversive movie musicals have narrators that are attractice on some seriously weird levels? WTF, brain, I should not find this guy as hot as I do. And Alan Cummings, I am looking at you.

Toy Story 3: I cried. Shut up. There's really nothing to be said here - it was a good movie, just like everyone else has said. ::waves hands:: This is me bringing new information to your life.

Predators: I wanted to see Despicable Me, but I went on its opening weekend, apparently, so it was sold out. Because, you know, family friendly cartoon = murderous alien hunters, amirite? Now, I will admit, when d_leprechaun was being all excited fanboy about it, I cautioned him, because these remakes/reboots of existing series are usually pretty shitty. But this one was not shitty; actually highly enjoyable, even if Adrien Brody kind of sounded like he was trying to do Christian Bale's Batman voice through the whole thing. Oh, and spoiler: Topher Grace is in it, too, and in this collection of badasses and criminals he seems to be the odd man out as a rather unassuming doctor. BUT OH WAIT he's a murderer and tries to kill one of the main characters at the end. Hey, lady: no shit. You couldn't see that fucking coming? Because I saw it fucking coming. Also at one point a guy fights a predator with a katana; it's pretty loltastic.

And, finally, Inception: I try, as a rule, to go into movies with a certain amount of credulity, even things that are critically acclaimed, which has served me well re: things like Avatar. But I don't get to do that anymore with Christopher Nolan's movies. Because if people say a Chris Nolan movie is fucking amazing, it is fucking amazing. Also - and I've had a friend express the same thing - Inception is really well cast. And it's basically all actors I have at least some affection for! How the hell does that even happen? Oh, right, Chris Nolan. And you know what, Nolan? You can keep using Cillian Murphy in everything because I love him. And, on a purely shallow level, Joseph Gordon-Levitt spends like that entire movie in three-piece suits and just, damn.

Also in bookmaking my table is becoming more and more convinced our teacher hates us due to her arbitrary grading and the fact she's made pretty much every single one of us redo a book at this point (mostly, the pamphlet binding, and seriously, fuck that binding). But oh well, two more weeks or so. And then no one will get on my case because my book doesn't have a fucking crease where it should. They will be impressed I made a book at all.

And, well, that's about it. I should be getting to bed anyhow. :T Tomorrow, I decide between taking the time to scan big re-printable versions of old pictures before destroying my fiber prints in the name of bookmaking, or straight not giving a fuck. You can probably see where this would be an issue for me. Artistic pack rat vs. lazy as fuck, go!


"I would feel indefinitely more comfortable in your presence if you would agree to treat gravity as a law, rather than one of a number of suggested options."


The time has come to talk of many things

Oh hey so apparently now I've graduated to "hysterically bad at keeping up with my LJ". Thus I have a certain backlog of subjects.

I was a bit depressed due to loneliness through most of June, but July has come and now I am in summer school - a bookmaking class, as a matter of fact, and while I never want to go, it is mostly because it is oppressively hot (as always) and a long drive. Once there I usually rather enjoy it (barring today, when we got to watch a 2+ hour demo). I enjoy it so much it's something I think I'll keep doing after the class is out.

Other than that, this has blossomed into the Summer of Video Games and Movies. Let's start with video games:

d_leprechaun wouldn't shut the hell up about Mass Effect, and eventually linked me to a video, which led to a "Is that Seth Green?" Which led me to the Mass Effect wiki, where I spent the next two days before I finally just fucking bought the thing. And I loved it, of course. I loved it so much I got Mass Effect 2, which I loved EVEN MORE. And then, high off BioWare's excellence, I got Dragon Age: Origins. I didn't like DA as much, perhaps because tactics and I have never really gotten along well while apparently cover-based shooting and I are planning our wedding. It also took me a while to get into ME, but that's the thing about BioWare games - I always want to play more, even if I'm not necessarily head over heels for the gameplay. But, ah. Let me expand more on them individually, since I'm losing my train of thought.

Dragon Age: Origins is, again, more tactical than I'm used to (and apparently hard even to people who don't suck at everything but especially video games and I assure you I AM playing on easy). But, well, there's still a great story and a wonderful cast of supporting characters, and while it's hard, and somewhat tedious for me, I haven't been discouraged enough to stop playing. However the characters are so firmly entrenched in the Uncanny Valley that they have built a home and are raising a family. The sex scenes are pretty terrifying, especially because - as a friend pointed out - they are bound by the industry, and apparently smoldering looks and insinuation is only sexy when it's NOT being preformed by dead-eyed automatons. Speaking of: my Warden, hangin' out with her team.

Mass Effect 1: I did have some problems getting into this game, too, but it was a foray into a brand new genre of gaming, so a good deal of it was the learning curve. Mass Effect had a similar Uncanny Valley problem, but I didn't notice it as much. Maybe I didn't talk to people as much; or maybe the people I did talk to were aliens and didn't look very realistic ANYHOW so it took away a bit from it. Anyhow. After I got into it ME was loads of fun, barring the Mako levels, because fuck the Mako now and forever. Also the decrypting mini-game. It's like Frogger, if Frogger made me want to curbstomp kittens.

Mass Effect 2 took away all of the problems I had had with ME and then a lot more that I didn't even realize were problems. In short, it was incredibly fun - I'm starting my third YES THIRD serious play through, as a matter of fact (I got through ME 1 only once, because I got them so close together and, well, once you've played 2 it's hard to go back to 1). The characters were much less Uncanny Valley creepy, but the sex scenes (such as they are) were still pretty... uncomfortable. The Mako levels were replaced by planet scanning, which is literally Valium in video game form. I cannot play it late at night; it knocks me right the fuck out. But the decryption was less of a colossal pain in the ass.

I am trying not to ramble, I really am. Obviously they are making a Dragon Age 2, which I am looking forward to, because I'm hoping they will improve DA like they did ME (especially the character animation thing; seriously DA is terrifying in that way). Also the inventory; fuck limited inventories, because nothing - NOTHING! - breaks the flow of a game like going to loot something and realizing you have to clean out your fucking bag. ME had this problem, and they fixed in ME2 (there is no inventory, period). And I really don't MIND inventories, I just wish it wasn't so fucking insufferable.

Also - I know this won't change in the sequel, but. I feel a lot more connected to my Shepard than I do my Warden, which is a little weird, because Shepard is simply A Shepard, one of scores of other Shepards, only customizable so far (mine looks like this, because apparently I like women with light hair and dark make-up). The Warden is much more customizable - you can choose a race, for one thing, as opposed to just male or female, and you actually play through your back-story instead of it coming into play in more minor ways. But this means, among other things, you don't have a voice (since obviously recording the same lines for so many different player characters would be tedious as fuck), and while I KNOW she's saying things (and she speaks during battles), I can't shake the feeling my character is a mute. :x Also, I like the Paragon/Renegade system in place in ME, as opposed to your teammates' approval in DA. You can be a dick in Dragon Age, but other than making a few characters like you less (and occasionally more), it doesn't really seem to DO anything. A weird thing to nitpick on, I realize, but I can't help it. In ME, Shepard really became My Shepard - I'm actually really attached to her, in sometimes weird ways. Like, for instance, one of the characters you can romance in 2 is like my female!Shepard OTP. When I played through the game a second time, I obviously wanted to try something different, but it was actually really hard because as far as I was concerned, the other relationship was the one that made sense for my Shepard.

Also ME is funnier than DA. Can you headbutt a Krogan in DA? NO. NO YOU CANNOT.

Wow, that is... that is very much TL;DR. And considering it is late and I am tired, I will try to talk about movies another day. Or, you know, wander off for a month again. Whatevs!


Queen and zombies: the perfect pair

Okay, I had never heard this song before encountering it on HINABN, and now I CAN'T STOP LISTENING. "I learned my passion in the good ol' fashioned school of lover boooys~"

Actually, speaking of that: I am rather surprised that I did not come out of A-kon more embarrassed, considering I actually used the term "Oh yeah, there's porn in there, I meant to warn you about that." FFFFFF the one porny thing I've drawn in fuckin' forever!

Now, what to say, what to say... I finally called AT&T - or rather used the chat service on their website - to ask if we could get someone out to help us. OF COURSE, her reply was "Well, why don't we try to troubleshoot", and OF FUCKING COURSE, it did JACK SHIT and the internet is just as fucking bad as always. At this point we are actually looking into other services, since AT&T apparently can't get its head of of its ass long enough to actually make ours work. I mean, I can GET it to work - obviously - but it usually involves either restarting my computer, unplugging the box for a while and then turning it back on, or both, multiple times, and that is not cool.

slfljsjf Okay, moving on. It's working for today.

A while (like a year ago) I ran a poll on y!Gallery where I asked people what their favorite monster was, and though I really should have termed it something like "what is your favorite monster in terms of scariness, I was still was absolutely staggered when not only did zombies (not that kind, the brain-eaty kind), they were beaten by vampires, wrewolves, AND demons/evil spirits. I thought everyone thought zombies like I did! And then I got to thinking, why DO I like zombie movies best in terms of actually being frightened by them? They are indeed slow, shambling, and stupid. So I thought about it, and then I realized:

They're the only movie monster that threaten me with the prospect of actually existing.

Let's go down the other choices, shall we? I probably decided at about ten, obviously, that vampires and werewolves aren't real. Likewise, I don't believe in aliens - well, perhaps that is the wrong way to word it; I most certainly believe that there's intelligent life SOMEWHERE in the universe, but I think they have better things to do than come here and fuck with our shit. I could get into a whole rant about this but I am NOT GOING THERE right now. Demons and evil spirits are a little trickier - having left the church when I was around 14 and almost completely lost my faith by this point, I no longer believe in demons. I DO believe in ghosts, though (although why nothing else, with such a passion, I have no idea), but I've believed in them and read about them for so long that I'm not even really scared of them - I just want to see one.

So that brings us back to zombies. Now obviously I don't think zombies are real. But the idea that they COULD be is more realistic to me than any of the others. So that's why I like them more - why I find them scarier - than any of the others - because they actually seem like a threat to me.

Besides, when's the last time anyone even tried to make a scary vampire or werewolf movie set in contemporary times? If you don't count Twilight's horrifyingly awful effect on our culture, I'm counting 30 Days of Night on the first hand and I don't even fucking remember when on the second (I know The Wolfman just recently came out, but that's not modern and I heard it's pretty mediocre). I watched Land of the Dead like two nights ago; George Romero has since made Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. And before that was Shawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and 28 Weeks Later. Jesus Christ, just look at all those italics!

SO YEAH that's my ruminations on zombies. :T

In other news, I think we're going to have to give up one of my father's cats. My father is absent a lot (I haven't seen him since Thursday evening; I guess I'm living alone after all!) and that, coupled with the presence of Petra, has exacerbated a problem she has with spraying to mark her territory. I think she could be fine in a single-cat household with an attentive enough owner, but as it is the breaking point was when she sprayed in my room - while I was laying in bed. I cleaned it up and sprayed some "no spray" stuff around, but it doesn't seem to work, since she did it again. So it looks like she needs to go to a shelter - or someone we know. Bleh. She's the sweetest cat, but this is a recurring problem and I don't think either of us can deal with it anymore.

Aand that's it. Think I'm gonna check on TILAM and then play a little WoW. (I hit 60, yaaay)


This is a post, I am making it.

Okay so apparently I've been hilariously bad about keeping up with my LJ?

Okay first of all dat meme.Collapse )

Okay. Now, speaking of HINABN, I totally hopped on the DART Rail and went to A-kon to meet Tessa for Friday and Saturday. Okay so not so much on Friday, because she was gone for like 4 hours getting more books because this was her first con since Hanna really blew up and she was constantly underestimating how much people loved her. Which was somuch of course. BUT on Saturday I kind of stalked her booth for six hours because I had nothing else to do (I did leave for a while, and then the last two hours or so was kinda HINABN drawing hour while we waited to go to dinner). Oh yes, did I mention? We went out to dinner, a bunch of fans and her and a couple other artists (18 in total, including me). It was awesome! She's such a sweetie! She told us SO MANY SPOILERS you guys have no idea. And also she gave me a print of this strip, which, yes, AWESOME because I gave her my steampunk Lamont sketch and then drew her another because apparently she loves Lamont (now you know). And I got to hang around some intensely awesome people like this Worth and Conrad, this Adelaide and Toni.

I'm not gonna lie, I've felt more than a little out-of-place at A-kon for the past couple of years that I've dropped by, but hanging out with those guys, it was kind of like "Oh YEAH, this is why people come." FUN.

Also I obviously finished last semester (all As, natch), and then went into my Maymester, which was indeed awesome until I had a huge blow up with one of the guys in my group at the end. But fuck that guy. Anyhow, this is how our project ended up looking:

UNT Maymester: RollingStone cover

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

And apparently since I'm going backwards in time, I've moved in with my father, too. I still need to get my shit out the old apartment, but I've got the necessities here. It hasn't been that bad. At the moment he's spending absolutely retarded amounts of time with his girlfriend, so he's never home, which is, you know, just fine with me. Now I just need to get on getting AT&T out here to help us with our fucking internet and cable and we'll be set. Petra and the cats still hate each other, but she actually seems comfortable with the move, otherwise. And I finally have a printer! Awesome!

And... well.